Blokvorm Architectuur® stands for designs in the broadest sense of the word. Multidisciplinary design, from door handle to complex buildings and from artworks to furniture. Always keep investigating and exploring what the possibilities are. Aim for a timeless design with a recognizable form language.

Blokvorm Architectuur® mainly focuses on the construction and renovation of both the interior and the exterior of your home or business space. We can  take care of from the sketch design up to and including the complete supervision of the

The Blokvorm Architectuur® designs are characterized by a smooth line and light show with a clear routing and attention to every detail. A design that makes optimum use of its spatial quality and reacts with its environment without forcing it. Innovation is one of the most important pillars within our company philosophy. Innovating is a logical consequence of progressive design and necessary if you want to build or renovate responsibly and sustainably. By using modern techniques and materials we come to new and improved insights, so that a socially responsible design is created. A design that does not detract from its surroundings, but rather enriches.

To translate the dream of our constituents to architecture, we think it is very important to imagine ourselves in the constituents, with their specific wishes and desires. The design will be appropriate the constituents only optimally if they are standing centrally from the beginning of the design process. They are like a personage in an exciting book. The design gives you more and more of its story each time and without explanation the users feels where they are being a part of the story.

They will be surrender to the design and let them perform and surprise from the beginning to the end. The users will be included into the design and will be part of the space. The dream will be felt and all senses are stimulated. There will be a successful design when the users really experiences what the designer has in mind.

Blokvorm have been fascinated by `functional beauty’. Design which purely arises from technique and not exclusively arises from the point of view of beauty and design. In our designs we show how the logical consistency of all components ensures a pure form and functional beauty.

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Who am I?

My name is Jeroen Blok. I’m married to Janneke and together we have three children aged 15, 13 and 9 years. After first having worked in real estate for years, one thing was getting cristal clear. The lack of creativity and inspiration in the work I did at that moment. This loss could not be compensated by the energy that I got from working with people. In a trip around the world for almost a year, I learned to follow my heart. You will excel the most when there is passion, and that is the only way you can achieve unprecedented heights. During my study it became clear that I have wide interests and skills. I feel like a fish in water as a designer of architecture, interior design, furniture design, product design and as an artist. I see myself as a designer who isn’t only involved with one facet of design, but otherwise search after and looks for creative solutions, until the puzzle is fully completed.

The way I work

During the initial interview, we’re discussing all plans and wishes (list of requirements), to see if our company philosophy meets your expectations. The best results can be achieved only there, where both parties are enthusiastic and there is openness, respect and trust. The value of me as an interior architect is to search what kind of experience your aspires whether it is a home, office, store, restaurant, exhibition room or doctor’s office. That goes far beyond styling or dressing. I analyze your needs as a user and the capabilities of the building and make a complete classification and interior design. Often with custom-made furniture. Architectural changes such as a new entry, expansion or indeed a complete building are a part of that. The guidance is divided into the following phases:

▪ SO phase (Sketch)

▪ VO phase (Preliminary design)

▪ DO phase (final draft)

▪ Construction

Is there any need of expertise in relation to the size or complexity of a construction project, then help is sought by using reputable third parties such as: engineers, specialists, electricians, carpenters, etc.

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